I have been studying Conducting HaFa at the Conservatory of Amsterdam since 2014 with Danny Oosterman as my teacher.

Sempre Crescendo

I’m the proud conductor of one of the oldest orchestras in The Netherlands: Studenten Muziekgezelschap “Sempre Crescendo” (1831). Sempre has 150 (student) members and consists of an orchestra, a mixed choir, a madrigal choir and a big band.

We have performed at the Royal Concert Hall Amsterdam (Koninklijk Concertgebouw Amsterdam) and The Hague pop tempel Paard van Troje.

Ranging from classical music to jazz, funk and pop, this orchestra is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most modern and ambitious orchestras in The Netherlands.

Bitterballs Big Band

The Bitterballs Big Band is the student big band in Leiden. It consists of 21 student musicians and the repertoire covers a wide array of musical styles such as jazz, pop and funk.


I conduct different project based choirs with varying musical styles such as baroque, classical, madrigal, carols, gospel and pop.


I have been studying Vocals at the Conservatory of Amsterdam since 2014 with Geert Berghs as my teacher. With both classical/belcanto as pop/jazz/crooning on my vocal chords I strive to be a multi-faceted singer.

Guido Marchena Swing Society

The Guido Marchena Swing Society is THE jazz combo with the famous repertoire of the greatest crooners. Great for all kinds of occasions!

The combo

  • Guido Marchena, lead singer
  • Tijn Koenen, drums
  • Hendrik Müller, double bass
  • Younes Benslimane, piano
  • Jim Guldemond, guitar

Special guests

  • Frank Groenendijk, tenor saxophone
  • Thijs Nissen, alto saxophone

Upright Pianos

Pop piano-duelling formation Upright Pianos shows Jan Stroomer and myself as pianists/vocalists with great musicians on drums and other guest instruments.